The 28-year-old climbed to 96th after an impressive performance last weekend in the Netherlands. Meronke finished third in the Dutch Open, part of the DP World Tour. This is another championship this season, the third pole finished in third place. Previously, the Catalan Championship and Qatar Commercial Bank Masters were the same. He also has three more places in the top six. At the start of this season, he was at 163 in the world rankings. But it climbs methodically.

The rankings are compiled in a complex way based on the players’ performance in the past two years. Points earned in individual tournaments are summed up (the more you advance in the tournament, the less the points weigh) and divided by the number of events the player has participated in. 40 impressions minimum and 52 impressions maximum. If a golfer appears more than once, the last 52 appearances will be taken into account.

The next pole championship is Porsche’s European Tour on June 2-5 in Hamburg. After him, we will find out if he will compete in the US Open Grand Prix (June 16-19). At the moment he is third in the Netherlands, and was promoted to The Open in July (14-17 July) in Great Britain.

American Scottie Scheffler currently leads the world golfer’s rankings, ahead of Spaniard John Ram and Australian Cameron Smith. The second best pole is Mateusz Gradecky (373).