Some users of Microsoft Edge Canary have gained access to the new “Drop” feature, which is another way to share content with other devices. As the name suggests, the feature works as a drag and drop method and also has a conversation view.

“Drop” has its own panel, which can optionally be turned on (if we have access to functions) in Edge’s appearance settings. The idea behind this is to provide users with space to store various content synchronized between devices. After opening the panel, we can simply drag the file to it or create a note by typing in the message field. Synchronized content will be available on our other devices after opening the panel in Edge.

With Conversation view – reminiscent of Messenger or Teams – your content will be organized in chronological order and your notes and files will appear as shared. In this case, however, we share ourselves. “Drop” depends on the free space in the OneDrive cloud, so the space for files is not unlimited. In the panel, we will see an indicator of the available space in OneDrive and a QR code to scan, indicating the Edge mobile app.

Drop Microsoft Edge

We should be able to enable the job in Settings > Appearance > Customize Toolbar > Drop ButtonHowever, in our case “Drop” is not yet available.

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