Illumination Studio has published a very interesting and funny video promoting the animated movie Minions: The Entry of Dec. It combines Minions and the cult series Biuro, thanks to Steve Carell.

Part of the poster promoting the movie ‘Minions: The Entrance of Dec’

Gru will speak again in the original language in the voice of Karel, the actor most closely associated with the role in the series Desk. The people responsible for promoting the animation decided to take advantage of this and create a short video that mocked the iconic opening scene from the series. How do you like it?

in the movie Disciples: Enter Dec. We will learn about the untold story of a twelve-year-old who only dreams of one thing – to become the world’s greatest villain. Of course, the minions will help him in this. The film combines what the world has come to love from Illumiation’s productions – unusual, edgy humor, references to pop culture, emotions, great music, and unbridled action.

Kyle Balda is responsible for directing the animation. The script was written by Brian Lynch, and the story was written by him disciples From 2015. It’s this production Disciples: Enter Dec. is a continuation.

Movie premiere now July 1.

Source: ComingSoon

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