GOG.com goes back to its roots i.e. publishing classic computer games. CD Projekt announced this in an announcement on The platform’s official website.

Returning to the original concept of GOG (previously called good old games, such as Stare and Dobre Gry) is to step up efforts to add older titles to the platform’s catalog.

What prompted CD Projekt to focus on releasing old games again? The ad merely states that ‘preserving’ ancient works is important – as in any other cultural field:

Why did we decide to go in this direction? Because we believe in the importance of celebrating and preserving classic games. They can connect generations. It can cause nostalgia. They can teach us what it was like in the past and what games we enjoy today. They deserve to be remembered and everyone can enjoy them.

However, with similar plans we heard Already last year. This was then driven by the losses GOG.com brought to CD Projekt in recent years. It is true that at the time there was no direct talk of a return to publishing classic titles, but this is how the reference to “providing access to a carefully selected offering of DRM-free games” can be read.

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