A player discovered a way to use the passive voice of the latest LoL character in an interesting way.

Riot yesterday officially unveiled the new League of Legends Champion. In addition to revealing his skills, he also made his way to the test server, where he would spend the next few weeks until its full release.

As expected, the community began to test the new character’s abilities. Players were particularly interested in the way the passive Vi skill works, which turns out to be really surprising.

Viego as a training doll

The Ruined King is a character who introduces an entirely new mechanic to LoL. Sylas can steal the opponent’s ultimate skills, Neeko turns into an ally, Pyke gives the team gold, and Viego turns into an enemy who has been eliminated and uses his items and skills.

Let’s remember what a negative ability looks like and what is its official description:

Viego can briefly take over the body of an enemy hero that helped kill him, while healing a percentage of his maximum health. While taking over someone else’s body, Vi uses items, attacks, and abilities (excluding his Ultimate Abilities) for the slain enemy, and gains a free use of the Final Heartbreak. While using someone else’s body, Vi also gains additional movement speed if he moves towards enemy heroes.

The Reddit user pseudonym KingAt1as decided to check if the character could turn into a training doll, and as it turns out, it can actually be done. However, it is not that simple and requires a slight error. All because the doll must be eliminated first, and in the end it is immortal.

As you can see, the character is able to use Summoner spells, but they cannot move. This, of course, is a curiosity that will not be of any use during the game, but it shows the ingenuity of the players very well.

It is not known if Riot Games will block this option. Ultimately, this does not affect the game and can only be done with the coaching tool.