Hackers from the Anonymous group reported on Twitter that they had broken into the Kremlin’s surveillance. To confirm their statement, they released recordings said to appear inside the Kremlin.

The attack was carried out on behalf of Anonymous by a hacker from the group The Black Rabbit. They claim to have gained access to video surveillance cameras at the residence of the President of Russia.

“We won’t rest until we reveal all your secrets. You won’t stop us. We’re inside.” Underlined on Twitter.

This is another attack by the group of anonymous hackers on Russia. In March, they said they had hacked Russian Central Bank data and threatened to release tens of thousands of classified files.

According to Ukrinform, hackers from this group started the Russian invasion of Ukraine More than 2,500 official Russian and Belarusian websites have been hacked And carried out unprecedented attacks on the sides of the Russian government.

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