“You have to warn the Russians that any breach of the airspace of any NATO member will end with a plane being shot down. The Baltic Air Police operation works like this – a Russian plane flies in NATO airspace and a pair of NATO planes are picked up always too late. The nose , It starts funny. Until the Russians find out that we can be assertive, they will play with us. And what are we afraid of?” – says the former commander of the Ground Forces in an interview with the portal wPolityce.pl.

Take an example from Turkey.

“The Russians are systematically violating airspace wherever they can and doing so with impunity,” General Skrzybchak noted.

“In the past few years, the only case I remember when the Russians were punished for this violation of space was the Turkish case. The Russians flew into Turkish space despite warnings until Turkey shot down their plane. Since then, no Russian plane has entered. So my question is – Is NATO, which is tensing its muscles so hard, is unable to prevent the violation of its airspace in the same way as Turkey? For me it is a symptom of NATO’s impotence. As a result, diplomatic measures are taken, ambassadors are summoned. But the fact is that the Russians do not care and continue They do what they want.Why is NATO, which possesses such exemplary systems, unable to prevent the penetration of its airspace? – asks the army.

Bearing in mind that Russia is implementing some of its threats towards Ukraine and thus restraint on the part of the NATO countries, General Skrzybchak replies: “Ukraine has always been a point of contentionWe in NATO should be afraid all the time? Lithuania afraid that NATO will not help Lithuania? This is a test time for NATO. If NATO does not guarantee the security of Lithuania, let it pack its bags and untie it. The time for fear of threats from Russia is over. Russia is now as weak as it was before. You have to take advantage of it. Let Russia fear that we will remain consistent in reducing it to the role of a regional empire at best. We cannot be born in a country that is constantly afraid of Russia.”

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