The project “Get to know Poland” is a way to get acquainted with our national and cultural heritage and to disseminate the achievements of Polish science. We will co-finance educational trips for children and youth. It will be a valuable aid to teachers in implementing the core curriculum. The project will also make the teaching process more attractive: learning in a unique learning environment, searching for traces of history, conducting experiments in science centers. It will also be a promotion of modern patriotic education.

What flights will be supported?

Funding will be provided for trips organized during the semesters, i.e. from September to June, and their program will include:

  • In the case of a day trip – at least 2 educational points,
  • In the case of a two-day trip – at least four learning points,
  • For a three-day trip, at least six learning points.

Tours will be conducted in 4 educational areas:

  • In the footsteps of the Polish underground state,
  • In the footsteps of Cardinal Stefan Wiesinsky,
  • culture and national heritage,
  • The greatest achievements of the Polish flag.

Who can apply for a grant to organize a trip?
After the trip co-funding application is submitted, the funds will be awarded to the bodies that run public and private schools. The project targets primary and secondary school students (governmental and non-governmental) in three age groups:

  • The first group – grades 1-3 of primary schools,
  • The second group – the fourth to eighth grades of primary schools,
  • The third group – secondary schools.

Criteria for co-financing the trip

The school will receive a grant of up to 80 percent. Planned costs for the trip, up to:

  • Day trip – up to 5000 zlotys
  • 2-day trip – up to 10,000 zlotys
  • Three-day trip – up to 15,000 zlotys.
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the remaining 20 percent. The cost of the trip will be financed by the administrative authority from its own resources.

What can the school fund from the scholarship?

Funds awarded under the project will be used by the school to finance the costs incurred for organizing the trips, such as travel costs, admission tickets, guide services, accommodation, meals and insurance for the trip participants.

When will the call for proposals for the program begin?

School authorities will be able to submit applications From 6 to 30 September this year. Or until the funds allocated to finance the project in the current year have been exhausted. The order of receipt of correctly completed applications will be decided by the Ministry regarding the allocation of funds. A list of eligible applications for flight financing will be available in the general information leaflet on the MEiN website. The body running the school will sign a contract with the ministry and will receive money for the students to leave.

How is the project co-financing application submitted?

This procedure is very simple. The teacher reports his willingness to go on a school trip to the principal, who then forwards this request to the lead authority. In turn, the leading authority fills in the so-called generic form available in the SIO staff area. After positive verification by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the form will be completed with requests for co-financing of trips.

If the body managing the school is not a local government unit, then both the so-called generic form and the application will be completed by the school principal after obtaining authorization from the board of directors.

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The Get to know Poland project will be implemented in cooperation with the National Institute of Intellectual Heritage, the Foundation for Human Sciences and the National Institute for Village Culture and Heritage. These entities will prepare a proposal for educational points for excursions, taking into account the age groups of students.