From Monday (May 16), primary school graduates can submit their documents to secondary schools.

picture: J. Fedorok

VI high school in Białystok

High school recruitment has already begun. Candidates can choose from four-year general secondary schools, five-year technical secondary schools, and first-class three-year industrial schools. A student may choose a maximum of 3 high schools and any number of classes in the school of their choice. Facilities should be arranged according to your preference.

Recruitment procedure in Bialystok is carried out using IT System (except for private schools). The site also provides all current information about schools’ recruitment and offers. You can fill out an application via the website (Primary school graduates have to do this until June 20, 3:00 pm).

The most important factor in the recruitment process is the number of points a candidate gets for converting grade eight results and grades into compulsory subjects and achievements included in the primary school leaving certificate.

Then the recruitment system checks whether the points obtained by the candidate are sufficient to enter the selected facility. If so, the system does not check if the candidate will be accepted into two other schools selected on the selection list.

Primary school graduates have plenty to choose from

The public high school offer includes general, bilingual, international, sports, sports and integration courses. Graduates of primary schools will be able to study in classes with such “attributes” as: medicine, applied arts, legal, journalistic, psychological, economic, humanities, architecture, uniforms and others.

Sports fans can apply to classes with such profiles at the IV Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. CK Norwid (specialization in light athletics / shooting) IX High School Complex of General and Technical Schools in Białystok (Specialization: football and volleyball), the 12th high school sports tournament of the sports championship of secondary school complex No. 3 “Pietrasze” in Białystok (cross-over) ) – figure skating / badminton), the thirteenth secondary school of the secondary school complex of sports championships No. 1 in Bialystok (short track), the seventeenth secondary school of the agricultural school complex (athletics, volleyball, badminton, table tennis), the ninth Ten high school sports championships for high school complex sports championship No. 2 (swimming, taekwondo, shooting sports).

For recruitment into the integration class, this will be carried out by the integration high school in Zespó Szkó Technicznych i Ogólnokształcce with Zakłady Integracji im. Stanisław Staszic in Białystok.

People who wish to obtain an International High School Diploma can do so if they have graduated from a second high school for them. Duchess Anna Jabunovska nee Sabha.

On the other hand, those who dream of working in services can submit documents to XIV Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Richard Kachowski. The school is enrolled in uniformed classes: Border Service, Police Service, National Security, Emergency Medical.

Preliminary results of recruitment in secondary schools for the period 2022/2023 will be announced next July.