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The last days of the presidency. What will Trump do before leaving?

Georgette Mossbacher He will not be an ambassador United States of America In Poland, on Wednesday 20 January. On the same day, the oath will be taken again President United State , Joe Biden. In recording the farewell, the diplomat made it clear that she would step down “in line with a long tradition.”

Georgette Mössbacher: I will return because my love for Poland will not fade

Georgette Mossbacher’s farewell movie was published on social media at the US Embassy in Warsaw.

“It was one of the most honorable moments in my life on President’s Day Trump card He asked me to accept the position of ambassador United States of America in Poland. More than two years have passed and I am extremely proud of our shared achievements in strengthening relations between Poland and the United States, Mosbacher said.

United States of America. Trump is lifting the travel restrictions, and Biden wants to keep them

Mossbacher noted that when she was an ambassador to the United States, Poland joined the visa waiver program, thanks to which Poles can travel to the United States more freely. She also confirmed that the United States of America and Poland signed an agreement to develop the Polish nuclear energy program.

“All these achievements will remain long after I leave, and they will leave an indelible imprint on the friendship, lasting partnership and alliance between the United States and Poland,” said Georgette Mossbacher.

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The outgoing US ambassador admitted she would miss the time spent in Poland.

“But I will not leave forever. I will return, because my attachment and love for Poland will not fade away. So I intend to visit Poland a lot,” – Mosbacher said in a voice trembling with emotion.