On Monday, the Appeals Court in Gdask ruled three people accused of the deaths of three students during Uttersen at the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz in 2015. In the case of the fourth defendant, who was previously acquitted, the court overturned the ruling.

The judgment is final in the part relating to three accused.

In the case of the fourth defendant, former UTP Vice Chancellor Janusz P., the appeals court overturned the lower court’s ruling and referred the case for reconsideration.

The first judgment in this case was delivered in December 2019 before the Bydgoszcz District Court.

Former Head of Student Government, Iowa. Then she was sentenced to a year in prison, suspended for two years, and sentenced to former UTP President Anthony B. , Imprisoned for 6 months, suspended for two years, and the head of security, Andre Z. , Imprisoned for 8 months, suspended for two years for a probationary period. B. Janusz P., Vice President of UTP, was acquitted.

In addition, the court of Bydgoszcz punished three offenders with fines ranging from 7,000 PLN to 10,000 PLN, and awarded damages to the families of the victims – 20,000 PLN per family from Iowa, Anthony B. And Andrei G.

The appeal was filed by Ewa’s defense attorneys, Anthony B. And Andrei G. , Demanding their acquittal or annulment of the judgment and referral of the case for review. The prosecutor’s office also appealed, questioning Janusz B.’s acquittal.

In justifying the judgment of the Court of Appeal, Judge Iona Puschachik-Subchik affirmed that in the Janusz B. , The Public Prosecutor’s Office was right to appeal that the Bydgos District Court “made errors in the factual results” and “violated the procedural law” by failing to take into account all the circumstances revealed during the trial. The main hearing.

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“The terms of reference of the University Vice President Janusz B indicate that his duties include + granting permits and supervising the organization of student events and gatherings at the university +. There is no doubt that the accused P. did not fulfill this obligation” – the evaluation of the court.

The court confirmed that approval of the otrzęsin regulation granted by the former Chancellor of the University, Anthony B. , Janusz B. It is the responsibility to oversee the preparations for the event.

Defendant must be supervised b. Supervising and leaving the students alone led to the situation that happened, “- said Judge Błaszczyk-Sobczyk.

The Court of Appeal assessed that, contrary to the position of defense attorney Iowa, , The student should, in light of the Law on the Safety of Collective Events, be considered a representative of the otrzęsin organizer. “That is why it is responsible for the results that arose and deleted,” – he noted

According to the court of Gdansk, Iowa. I dealt with “basically everything”, which had to do with organizing otrzęsin, without informing other members of the student government in detail.

“It is also difficult to speak in the case of accused C. of committing a justifiable mistake that would exempt her from criminal responsibility. The defendant should read the law relating to collective juvenile safety. This would lead to the event being organized in a manner consistent with the regulations” – the court affirmed.

The shower took place on the night of October 14-15, 2015 in two buildings of the University of Bydgouz, and the transfer from one to the other was possible via Mosul. Only one door in one building was open. A few hours after the party, when it got hot and stuffy, some of the participants decided to leave the university. It became very crowded on stairs and connector. There was a crowd of people on the stairs and the connector and in the first room leading out. At the same time, some of those present tried to squeeze the current. On the stairs and the corridor on the sides, under the pressure of the crowd, many people started to fall like dominoes, some of them lying on top of the other.

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Two students, aged 24-20, and one 19 year old, died. Autopsy tests showed that the cause of death was hypoxia due to chest pressure. (PAP)

Author: Robert Petersak

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