Buying a black, white, blue, yellow or maybe pink phone? The Galaxy Z Flip3 in the latest Bespoke Edition leaves no such dilemmas. The user can mix the colors of the housing panels by himself, then change them when he is bored.

In today’s event Galaxy Unpacked 2 Samsung unveiled a special version of its foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Flip3 Detailed Edition. Technically, it’s the same 256GB version of the phone that’s usually available for sale. However, a novelty is the possibility of choosing the colors of the cover panels, as well as changing them later, when the alternative chosen during the purchase is boring.

Samsung says it has analyzed current and future color and cultural trends. He also tested thousands of shades and how they fit together. the result is Palette of 5 primary colors for the palettewhich together with tires make up the total 49 different combinationsWhich can be selected in Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition.

When buying, the user chooses the black or silver phone frame, as well as the solid or combined colors of the panels. There are options to choose from Blue, yellow, pink, white or black – In any group. The buyer can view the selection in 360 degrees, and when the order is placed, the phone is prepared and shipped in a bespoke box. The addition also includes special wallpapers and animated screens.

Well, and when does the chosen topic get bored? Here Samsung offers a service Detailed upgrade careOwners of this version of the Galaxy Z Flip3 will be able to change the color of the device at any time. For this, they must register on the manufacturer’s website and there Replace panels. This service will incur an additional fee 49€ for one plate. Tires are not interchangeable.

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Galaxy Z Flip3 Detailed Edition

Galaxy Z Flip3 Detailed Edition with service Detailed upgrade care Available to start in select markets: in Korea, USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Canada and Australia.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition is a bit more expensive than the basic version – around PLN 200. Thus in the USA you will have to pay 1099 USD (4,330 PLN) for the new version, in Europe the prices for the bespoke version are as follows: Germany 1,149 euros (5,269 PLN), France 1,159 euros (5,314 PLN) and Great Britain – 1,049 pounds (5708 zlotys).

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Image source: Samsung

Text source: Samsung