Nearly 1,000 square meters of space, open space, a wealth of colours, textures and materials. Here, modernity meets classics, and current trends emphasize the timeless nature of design. The Kler showroom in Warsaw, as we are talking about, has acquired a completely new face, which will favorably surprise all lovers of beautiful interiors.

Kler salon at ul. Puławska in Warsaw is a place well known to the residents of the capital. Recently, it has undergone a complete transformation to display the entire presentation of the brand, but also to be closer to the customer and their needs. The space of about 1,000 meters has acquired a completely new character, which shows that Kler is not only luxury furniture for the living room and bedroom, but also a comprehensive range of interior furnishings.

The visual concept of the exhibition space assumed open spaces arranged according to current interior design trends. Natural materials, earth colors and a trendy green bottle dominate here, which looks amazing in the placement of golden (but not only) accessories and live plants. Modernity blends with classic furniture and accessories that appeal to different clients’ tastes. However, the timeless design is always followed by the high quality and functionality of the products.

The newly arranged space creates a single, visually cohesive whole. However, it is subtly divided into rooms according to its function. They are arranged in such a way as to fully demonstrate the design possibilities offered by the furniture and accessories offered by the Kler brand. So we can not only learn how to arrange the living room or bedroom in your favorite style, but also know how to create an interesting, functional, and at the same time non-standard space from ready-made furniture items. The best example is the bedroom partition with the proposal of unusual solutions, such as a wardrobe combined with the bedroom made of modular furniture.

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Moreover, you can also benefit from the advice of an interior designer who will help you arrange the decor of your dreams. In a specially separate room with a sliding door, a room was created in a modern style – a place where the client could talk to the designer. In peace and quiet, see visuals, peruse samples and catalogs of companies with which Kler collaborates. The workplace is also available for outside designers, so you can make an appointment here in advance. All this to ensure complete customer service in the field of interior design.

It was not by chance that the kitchen screen appeared in the Kler showroom in Warsaw. The kitchen arrangement is a novelty in the brand’s proposal and is intended to indicate the possibility of comprehensive implementation of interior design in one place. The modern kitchen furniture has been kept in the classic black color, which fits perfectly into the existing design. Thus, the brand proves that Kler is not just lounge furniture, but also a comprehensive range of furnishings for all residential rooms.

However, the renovated Kler showroom is not just a new concept of exhibition space arrangement, but above all the latest collections of furniture and accessories. What’s new in Warsaw? It’s essentially a comprehensive range of interior furnishings – from lounge furniture, for which the brand is famous, through furnished bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms. It is worth paying attention to wall and floor coverings, lighting and decorative elements. In addition to the beautiful, elegant and timeless collections of the Kler brand, we will find new products from well-known and respected European producers, including. Alf Ono, Bontempe, Calligaris, Joyner, Hartmann if Munary.

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but that is not all. Apart from the traditional association with the living room and bedroom, Kler offers many brands related to interior design and decoration. Modernity, above all, is the rich offer of wall and floor coverings. Great emphasis is placed on the backgrounds. Eyes are drawn to the new designs of the Italian brand Glamora. There are also original accents, such as designer wallpapers from one wall design banner. The structural frescoes on the wallpaper from the company Ornante deserve special attention. These are true works of art that will change any interior décor.

However, what best suits the Kler salon in Warsaw in current trends is natural materials. Stone decorations, displaying a unique style of this noble material, decorate the walls of the rooms and form an elegant contour of the fireplace. The combination of the wooden floor with ceramic cladding in different dimensions shows how both materials are combined in a non-standard way, creating unique visual effects. A similar task is performed by glass and openwork decorative elements that allow you to divide the space without having to lay out the walls.

All this is presented in good lighting, selected with special care. The lights that decorate zone displays are true design icons. Chosen from the offerings of brands such as Petite Friture, KUNDALINI LIGTHS or Flos, it adds glamor to the interior, and is an interesting decoration in itself. New here is lighting from the range of brands such as Villeroy & Boch, Masiero, Sompex, Nemo and Boma. At the same time, the lighting was entirely chosen to create a mood and emphasize the character of the small living spaces on display.

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A similar function is performed by motifs, which form an arrangement point above and. Patterned fabrics, in the form of curtains, cushions or rugs, and designer accessories create the character of any space. Sitap rugs with different types of fabrics, Vadain textiles, window decorations or Arte floor coverings create a warm and cozy atmosphere. It is dominated by golden motifs and live plants in designer pots. However, these are not the only colors that we can find in the living room. Universal white, elegant black or elegant silver is in no way inferior to the previous one, and a creative vision of space arrangement helps interior experiments and color play.

Fans of beautiful and elegant interiors are more than willing to get involved, and for them the Kler showroom in Puławska 463 reopens its doors.