Wednesday, October 20, Liz Cheney, republican The congresswoman and deputy chairperson of the Commission of Inquiry, which is investigating the assault on CapitolAppeared before the House Rules Committee. Her speech was about reporting on former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon Prosecutor’s Office On his refusal to testify before Congress.

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United States of America. Donald Trump and Steve Bannon were involved in the attack on the Capitol? More and more doubts

The commission has not yet provided any evidence linking the former president United States of America and his former advisor in the January 6 attack. But according to Cheney’s remarks, there are serious doubts among panelists about their connection to the storm. According to them trump He tries to hide messages that might incriminate him.

Steve Bannon declined to testify in the case last week. Then he referred to the so-called privilege of the executive. It protects the president and his advisors from disclosure of internal conversations. – The arguments of Messrs. Bannon and short Regarding the privilege of the executive, it seems to reveal one thing purpose: Indicates that President Trump was personally involved in the planning and implementation [szturmu na Kapitol – red.] Jan 6 – Cheney said, citing CNN. The Commission considers that refusing to cooperate and comply with the summons is a violation of federal law.

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Experts consider that Bannon’s reference to the aforementioned privilege is unfounded, as it does not apply to previous presidents. In addition, at the time of the riots, Bannon was no longer an official adviser to Donald Trump (he lost his position in 2017). Therefore, the committee voted in favor of the proposal to commit the offense of evasion of testimony. The proposal will be put to a vote on Thursday and must be supported by the entire House of Representatives.

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Steve Bannon before the January 6 attack: All hell breaks out tomorrow

According to Cheney Steve Bannon He points out that he may have had advanced knowledge of the January 6 plans and is likely to play a large role in shaping them. BBC. Documents calling for Bannon to testify refer to his words the day before the attack on the Capitol. Then he was supposed to say “Tomorrow [6 stycznia – red.] Everything collapses and indicates that there will be a “revolution”. “There is no doubt that Mr. Bannon knows more than what he said in this clip,” Cheney said.

The former president urged his advisers to refuse any requests to testify. In addition, on Monday, he filed a lawsuit, in an attempt to prevent the commission from verifying documents during his presidency. Trump’s lawyer in the lawsuit accused the committee of “harassing” the former president. He also argued that the range of documents requested was “unprecedented” and that there was no clear link to the case under consideration. “Watchman”.

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United States of America. Assault on the Capitol

On January 6, Donald Trump supporters stormed Congress And try to prevent the victory certificate Joe Pedina in the presidential election. More than 600 people were indicted and 63 were arrested. Participants heard charges relating, inter alia, to: unlawfully trespassing on congressional buildings, damaging property or injuring police officers.

As a result of the storm, five people lost their lives, and about 140 people died Police men were injured. Recently, a Capitol police officer was indicted for persuading an attacker to remove social media material that could prove he was at the headquarters on the day of the attack.

January 6, 2021 Donald Trump supporters storm the CapitolUnited States of America. The policeman was supposed to help one of the participants after storming the Capitol