The Reymonta Street redevelopment concept, developed a few years ago, is no longer valid. – Sustainable development of transport requires a different approach to public space – officials explained. The city has already signed contracts with the developers who will participate in the redevelopment of this street.

Wroclaw City Councilor Jolanta Niezgodzka submitted an inquiry regarding plans to rebuild Władysława Reymonta Street at the end of April. According to Elżbieta Urbanek, Director of the Infrastructure and Transportation Department, the Road and Cities Maintenance Authority developed a concept for rebuilding this street a few years ago.

Unfortunately, this is an archival study that deviates from the current needs, expectations, and realities of communication that can be observed in this area of ​​the city. At the time, the concept of street redevelopment emphasized its transitory character without taking into account the neighboring – undeveloped areas at the time – the writer explains.

A judge representative explains that at present, in addition to basic functions, such as ensuring access to individual transportation, special emphasis is placed on developing safe transportation for public transport and bicycles, as well as on providing urban space for people on foot by removing terrain barriers. At the same time, the official asserts, the municipality of Wroclaw and the tree carefully safeguarded.

Therefore, the sustainable development of transport requires a different view of public space, which is ul. Władysław Reymont, who presented a few years ago in the concept of rebuilding – He explains Elepita Urbanic.

The developers will contribute to the rebuilding of Reymonta Street

As Orbank explains, in this street there are new and important investments in cubes located “on and next to” the city port area, which require system solutions aimed at modernizing public transport, bicycles and pedestrians by, for example, building Vienna that stops at the intersection with ul. Kleczkowska (with the participation of private investors).

The municipality representative informs that ZDiUM has already signed three contracts to participate and rebuild the Mujahideen. Wadyslaw Raymont. Fourth request is still pending.

Agreements have been signed with Tamar (to rebuild the Klitschkovsky – Remonta Street intersection with traffic lights and rebuild the Klikzkowska Street section to the entrance to the port area), with Podemx (construction of the “Z” road in the Odra Channel in Wybrzeże Reymonta Street and to participate in the Reymonta Street reconstruction funding And with Fermy Drobiu Woźniak (Port District – Reymonta Street reconstruction funds: cost of Vienna stop at the intersection with Kleczkowska Street). In addition, the second application of Fermy Drobiu Woźniak – related to the port area is being processed.

In addition, Wrocławskie Inwestycje is carrying out works related to the reconstruction of the Osobowicki Bridge linked to Władysław Reymont, including. Vienna’s terminals were planned at the intersection with the Conrad-Korzeniowski coast and the Reymont coast. Currently, funds are being raised to rebuild the rest of the road at ul. Raymont – He adds Elepita Urbanic.

Feature image: Columba livia,, CC BY-SA 4.0