March 16, 2022, 10:06 am

Most likely due to an error from Steam administrators, players were able to access the unannounced release dates of the game, which were set by the developers themselves.

From the Steam database leaked Release dates of all games that hit this site.

Steam release dates are leaking – what you need to know

Most likely, everything is the result of a mistake by Steam administrators, and we expect this data to be hidden again soon.

  1. To check the game’s release date, just visit the website SteamDB And look for a game.
  2. The dates are set by the developers themselves and are subject to change.
  3. Many of them are just temporary deadlines. This is the case for all year-end deadlines. Another example is Hollow Night: SilkSongwith a release date scheduled for 2028.
  4. So the dates should not be treated as a final thing, but only as interesting tips about the developers’ plans.
  5. In response to the leak, producers have already begun changing the release dates in the Steam database. In case dwarf castle September 30, 2022 has been replaced by “time is relative”. Users reddit However, they managed to save many of them.

It’s worth noting that Steam does not allow you to change the release date if there are 10 days or less left before the game debuts. So, if you find such a closing date on SteamDB, it will likely be the last date.

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Examples of interesting release dates for SteamDB

Here are some examples of terms that were originally found in the Steam database. Most of the developers have already changed it, but it was previously saved by the players.