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Education and Science Minister Przemyslav Czarnik announced that schools and kindergartens will start the new school year on the first day of September. Meanwhile, President Andrzej Duda held a Cabinet session on Monday. The meeting will be devoted to preparing schools for the return of students.

The head of the Ministry of Education said during the press conference Friday, that the return of children and youth to schools at the end of the last academic year was an important element in preparing for the new year. – Constant consultations with the Ministry of Health led to the fact that after the closure related to the third wave, students quickly returned to school – first in kindergarten, then children in grades 1-3, then in grades 4-8 and secondary schools. , even in the past six weeks, learning has completely returned to full-time mode – Przemysław Czarnek said.

Experience from one year ago

As the head of the Ministry of National Education emphasized, “We learned that if we did not start fixed education in the previous school year, before the summer vacation, it would be difficult to return to fixed education on September 1.” – As a result, the school community in individual educational institutions, the community between students, and contacts between students and teachers were partially reconstructed. Minister said. – Today, returning to full-time education is no longer a problem – said the head of MEiN. He added that it is an important part of the preparations for the new school year 2021.

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It was reported that on August 2, MEiN released the guidelines for all schools and educational institutions. He stressed that “these are recommendations and guidelines that will be implemented by school principals and teachers to the extent possible in individual educational institutions.” – These are not generally applicable legal provisions that would bind them to be fully applicable everywhere regardless of the circumstances, but our recommendations – The minister confirmed.

He referred to the misunderstanding that had occurred with regard to physical education lessons. – We are training tens of thousands of physical education teachers through AWF so that lessons aimed at rebuilding the physical condition of children and adolescents after the coronavirus pandemic are fully implemented. The minister indicated.

The recommendations are to do this to the extent that it avoids the risk of contracting the coronavirus, and then we assume that physical education should be held in the open air, in the open air, for as long as possible, because then the probability of contracting the coronavirus is reduced. . It all depends on weather conditions, sporting opportunities, and how individual schools are prepared for it Kazarnik explained.

Rada Gnitova

Przemyslav kazarnk On Friday, during the conference, he confirmed the information that President Andrei Duda convened the Cabinet. – I think the President will want to know directly from the Minister of Education and Science the state of preparation for the new school year, and perhaps the school year as well. – confirmed.

The President has such constitutional powers to convene the Cabinet, which does not have the powers of the Cabinet, but primarily has informational functions. The head of state can always get acquainted with all the details regarding any matter of importance to the Polish state. In that case, the president will likely want to know the details of the preparations by September 1 – Head of MEiN added.

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The Cabinet is formed by a government headed by the President of the Republic. Only the president decides to convene the council. Positions presented to the Cabinet are not legally binding. The council meets when the president considers a particular issue to be of “particular importance.”

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