The Science Festival will be held in Melek for the 12th time.

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The event will be organized by the Center for Practical and In-service Training for Teachers in Melek and the Leonardo Academy of Technical Skills Association with its Program Board. The festival program will focus on:

Strengthening vocational education, which must increasingly respond to the challenges of Economy 4.0.

Presenting innovative learning methods aimed at acquiring future competencies

Involvement of children from Ukraine in educational initiatives

Commemoration of Ignacy Łukasiewicz on the 200th Anniversary of his Birth

The festival will allow 8th graders of primary schools to learn about the educational offer of Mielec Vocational Schools, while at the same time encouraging them to take on the ambitious challenges related to education in the “technologically modern” professions. It is also an engaging event for educators who will be able to learn about the use of innovative teaching methods based on the STEAM model – building the competencies of the future and supporting students in taking on the professions of tomorrow.

The organizers also invited school principals, change leaders, experts, and representatives of school management bodies and business environment organizations to participate in the festival. During the planned events, they will have the opportunity to learn about strategic initiatives to create centers of future competencies (digital, professional) in the new EU financial perspective for the period 2022-2027.

A number of practical classes for children from Ukraine are planned. This includes creative workshops in aviation and space modeling, robotics and learning programming through play.

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