-(…) Mike Tyson was one of the hottest young heavyweights ever. When he won the world title, everyone was talking about him. He had a destructive style, he was creative. However, she’s not my heavyweight at all. Warren said he didn’t He completes what he started.

“Tyson got drunk and drugged and then got drunk, then ended up in jail. In many fights, he simply intimidated his rivals into entering the ring. He was a street urchin, and a lot of the guys in the booth come from the street. He had a way on them. However, he didn’t He could intimidate Evander Holyfield and “Buster” Douglas (…) – added the 69-year-old Briton, who was hit by Tyson in 2000 while living in Great Britain.

At his best, would Tyson have defeated Muhammad Ali? Those would be great fights, but I don’t think Tyson can beat the likes of Ali, Sonny Liston, Larry Holmes, Joe Frazier and George Foreman, the legendary promoter.

Interia / bokser.org

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