Android 13 rolls out right in the first screenshots. The new system will provide some smart features and customization options. You will change the notifications, languages ​​and lock screen.

Yesterday I wrote about the news that Android 13 You will bring it to our smartphones. Today, for the first time, we can take a look at the first screenshots that show us New version of the system It works from google. And how do you like her?

In the first screenshots we can see the function I described yesterday Any language selection for a specific appWe will no longer have to worry about desperately translating local apps while traveling. Enforcing the default language will allow you to use problematic applications abroad freely. This is definitely a big plus.

This is what Android 13 / photo XDA looks like

Now for those who don’t like too many notifications. By default, every app we install on our Android phone has the permission to bombard us with notifications. This change is in Android 13, and the permission to send notifications can be easily revoked.

We will do this in the same way that we grant (or deny) access to the camera or microphone. Maybe this way we can avoid spam from the apps we use every few weeks. I can already see how the developers will ask us for permission to display notifications permanently after installation.

Android 13 will allow more customization

Finally, something for those who like to tame every element of the interface on the phone. If you have connected to Android 12 before, you know that the lock screen changes its layout when you receive a notification (see screenshots below). In Android 13, you will get the option to set this item to your liking.

Sure, it’s a small thing, but there are users who have asked for it. In the end, for such little things, we use Android models, not the connected iOS system.

Android 13

This is what Android 13 / photo XDA looks like

For now, we can wait at the most Update to Android 12. If you are interested in the new software, more information about the models covered by the update can be found in the text below:

When will your smartphone get Android 12? Here’s the full dates list (as of December 2021)