On Tuesday, the ninth women’s curling tournament took place at the Beijing 2022 Olympics. The candidates scored back-to-back victories, and the Russians took their first victory.

David Less

David Less

Curling in IO

PAP / EPA / Pictured: curling during the Olympics

The end of the group stage of the women’s curling competition at the Beijing Olympics is getting closer and closer. The top four teams will advance to the semi-finals. After the ninth session, the Swiss ladies were closest to the medals area.

On Tuesday, they competed with the Americans and it was the only match played over a distance of 10 finishes. It was a very balanced match from the start. After seven games the tie was 4:4. When the Americans scored two points at the next end, they might not have expected their opponent to add four points to their achievement in an instant. In the end, the Swiss won by 9:6 and led the table with 6 wins and 1 defeat.

The duel between the Swedes and the Denki lasted for the shortest time. The first point was scored by the latter, but after the next two ends it was 5:1 for the Swedes. The Danish players tried to chase after their opponents, but they did not succeed, and the players of Tarzi Koroni played very well. After the seventh match, Denmark gave up the match, finding no chance to make up for the losses and the Swedes won by 9:3.

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The British also noted a major victory, as they advanced after three finishes in the match against the Japanese 6:1. The Asian team made up for two points after a moment, but it was not enough. The British played their part and after eight finishes the score was 10: 4.

In a team duel from below, it was exciting at first and even. After three ends, the Chinese tied the Russians 2: 2, and the next day added two points to their account. The players of the Republic of China responded with great force, winning the match 4-0, and then with two more points, scoring a total of five points. After eight finishes it was 11:5 for the Russians and thanks to that they were able to enjoy their first victory in the Olympic tournament.

Women’s curling (9th session):

Sweden – Denmark 9: 3
UK v Japan 10:4
China – Republic of China 5:11
United States – Switzerland 6:9

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