Since Monday, many cities in France, including Paris, Marseille and Lyon, are required to wear face masks outside and in public places – for example, in cultural institutions, houses of worship, schools and on transport. The government indicated that this provision also applies to children over the age of 6 years. So far, people under the age of 11 have been exempted from wearing a mask. As specified, the order will now apply to everyone “except for people inside cars, cyclists, other road users and people who exercise”.

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At what stage of the fourth wave of cases are we? The expert explains

France – new restrictions. Among them is the order to wear masks in court

The authorities also imposed a ban on the sale and consumption of food and drink on public transport. new The regulations also apply to group events. From now on, up to 2,000 people indoors and 5,000 people outdoors can participate in it. Concerts with permanent audiences are prohibited.

The government also announced a reduction from 17 to 7 days of self-isolation for vaccinated people – regardless of what type of coronavirus they had. Unvaccinated people will be kept in isolation for 10 days. Two-day quarantine can be reduced for patients with negativity calendar text.

For several days, French experts have warned that a large number of people are on Quarantine It can lead to community confusion, especially in strategic sectors. In recent days, more than 200 thousand new infections were recorded daily in France. A new type of coronavirus – omicron – is being blamed for accelerating the spread of the epidemic.

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