• The House of Representatives adopted amendments to the amendment of the Higher Education and Science Act and some other laws proposed by the Senate
  • According to the amendments, academies of applied sciences or professional universities may also apply for permission to conduct studies in medicine and dentistry.
  • In return, loans for medical studies will be granted by commercial banks with which Gospodarstwa Krajowego Bank has an appropriate agreement.

Senate amendments accepted. Medical studies also in professional universities

It is an amendment to the law Higher Education and Science Law and some other laws, prepared by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Science.

According to the adjustment Permission to carry out studies in the fields of medicine, medicine and dentistry can be obtained by a university with research category A +, A or B + in the field of medical sciences or in the specialty of health sciences Or he conducts studies in at least one of the fields of study preparation for the profession and has a scientific category in the field of medical sciences or in the field of health sciences.

One of the most fundamental amendments expands the possibility of establishing medical faculties in universities – in the original wording of the law, such education was allowed only in academic universities. According to the approved changes, under certain conditions, doctors will also be able to obtain education from academies of applied sciences or professional colleges.

According to the regulations currently in force Vocational colleges offer education only in practical studies. Regulations recommended by the Senate and Parliamentary Committees of a professional university permit general academic studies to be carried out, provided that this profile is the result of education standards in the field of medicine, medicine and dentistry.

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The solution is to help fight the shortage of medical staff

– The above resulted from the intention to expand the circle of universities entitled to apply for permission to establish studies in the field of medicine or medicine and dentistry into professional colleges. (…) Increasing the number of universities that will be able to apply for a permit and which, after fulfilling all the conditions resulting from the decrees of the Minister of Science and Higher Education (regarding studies and education standards preparing for the profession of doctor and dentist), to undertake studies in the field of medicine or medicine And dentistry will translate into an increase in the number of students and therefore the number of medical graduates – we read in the justification prepared by the Senate.

He added that the proposal Solutions are a response to the shortage of medical staffThis is particularly acute in the situation regarding the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

The amendment also establishes the rules for supporting people who are studying paid studies in the Polish language in the field of medicine, with the obligation to work on them later in the public health service.

Credits for medical studies will be granted by commercial banks with which Gospodarstwa Krajowego Bank has an appropriate agreement. Refund of the loan – partial or full – will be possible provided that the relevant conditions are met.

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For example, the loan will be completely canceled if, after completing his studies, the person who received it has worked for 10 years in the state health care system, and within 12 years has received the title of specialist in the priority field.

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