Sometimes the dazzling effect is in the details. And in our list of true gemstones among interior accessories, there are up to seven reasons why you should be feeling happier. The ultra-strong formula includes components that are small in size with great potential. Which of the unique details would catch your eye?

We chose to search for unique accessories desho online storeWe offer designer products with a guarantee of quality and authenticity. From the wide range, we have selected outstanding projects by well-known artists of applied art, who perfectly combine playfulness, form and sophisticated sensibility.

1. Candle made of matt Lladró porcelain

We all love candles that light up fall evenings with a dancing flame and fill the house with an overwhelming scent. Lladró, a Spanish brand of porcelain dating back to 1953, which made it even more charming. Each color of the hand-embossed cap corresponds to a different fragrance. A candle with starfish motifs resembles the scent of a Mediterranean shore, apricot blossom represents the flowering gardens of Valencia, and blue mosaics are a metaphor for the spicy aroma of oriental perfumes. Porcelain laying with a matte finish It harmoniously combines ancient traditions with modernity.

2. Lladró . porcelain lamp

The Spanish brand’s second proposal would be a great mainstay in Almodovar’s films! The discreet elegance of faience takes a crazy form here, reminiscent of the abundance of summer plants and the warm nights lit by the glow of fireflies.. The polychrome body is made of ivory ceramic parts. This table lamp is not only beautiful, but also functional thanks to the USB wireless charging system. It will fit perfectly with the character Travel-style interiors and spaces recall Mexican folklore and the work of Frida Kahlo.

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3. Fritz Hansen mirror with painted illustrations Watercolor

A mirror can perform several functions in the house: purely functional, visually expanding the space, or be a beautiful accessory from which it is difficult to take your eyes off. Danish brand Fritz Hansen She clearly prioritized the aesthetic experience and achieved amazing results. Watercolor-printed mirrors sparkle in the hues of twilight, accentuating the artistic rigor of lofts within It reflects the transient spirit of impressionist visions. The pattern of each mirror is unique and reflects light in a unique way.

4. Fritz Hansen Patterned Bed Sheet Made of Natural Fabrics

Jaime Hayon, one of the designers collaborating with the Fritz Hansen brand, is guided in his work primarily by a belief in quality craftsmanship. No wonder his bed cover design is A combination of artistic expression and refined performance. The fabric is super warm and skin-friendly thanks to a blend of cotton, merino and alpaca yarns. The simple pattern in two shades refers to the Scandinavian design.

5. Tri Marble Cushion Set

The Polish dialect belongs in our list Tre . product – The brand owned by Tomek Rygalik. Set includes 4 marble napkins for hot and cold dishes. In Karol Droszcz’s bizarre project, precious and durable gems are turned into… puzzles! The add-on is available in two color versions: black and white. Each element is unique due to the natural and handcrafted veins of marble.

6. Cozy Tri-Wool Patterned Merino

This is the second bedspread on our list, but it doesn’t surprise us at all! When the outside temperatures get cooler, we want to fill in the four corners with laminated fabrics. The Tre brand proposal draws inspiration from landscape painting, where the shades, colors and nuances of light cohesively intertwine.. The blanket is made 100% merino woolIt makes it not only warm, but also hypoallergenic and breathable.

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7. Scandinavian style Muuto lamp

Finally, we return to the loving simplicity of Scandinavian design, of which the brand is a fine example. Muto. The Strand Hanging Lamp looks like an ethereal cloud. The lightweight structure is constructed using a cocoon material made of fine filaments and a steel frame. Provides a semi-transparent structure Climatic glow and good aura. The lamp is available in different shapes and sizes to fit the interior as harmoniously as possible.