Flights between Denmark and the United Kingdom were banned Friday night to prevent a spread Covid virus is mutated from a mink Which scientists fear may hinder the effectiveness of the vaccine.

The flight ban is the first in the United Kingdom since the start of the epidemic and follows the discovery of a mutated form of the Coronavirus, which can spread to humans, In the Danish mink plantations.

Health officials are expected to track and test about 3,000 people who traveled to the UK from Denmark last week via the travel corridor that was opened by the Department of Transportation (DfT) on October 25. DfT ordered the lane to close at 4 am. on Friday.

Anyone is expected to arrive from or travel through Denmark To quarantine For 14 days, although it was not clear on Friday night whether people who had returned from Denmark would also be required Self-isolation.

This step also appeared further afield 355 people have died in the UK Within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19 starting Friday. The government said that as of 9 a.m. on Friday, he was there Another 23,287 laboratory confirmed cases in the UK.

Comprehensive test program It was launched in Liverpool on Friday And Boris Johnson announced that there would be three more cities – yet to be named – across the country the program Coming soon.