Government insiders said Boris Johnson was still “the toughest in the room” in unwilling to budge to secure the Brexit deal, amid warnings that he had only days left for the deal to be finalized.

After a busy week on Downing Street that saw two former people resign from the prime minister’s senior team to leave the vote, ministers backing the deal said they hoped their departure would boost the chances of finally signing a trade deal with the European Union after months of brinkmanship policy.

However, sources familiar with the government’s deliberations said that in frequent meetings, he was The prime minister himself was the most hard-line In the desire to hold out for better conditions. They said departure Dominic CummingsSenior Advisor to the Prime Minister, W. Lee Caen, Head of his communications, wouldn’t change the fact that Johnson himself remained determined and hard to read.

The prime minister is always the toughest in the room Brixi – More than other ministers and advisors, “said a senior source in the government. Another source from inside said that they” are still hoping to reach an agreement, “but there was a willingness among cabinet ministers to support the prime minister if he decides as a result of not reaching an agreement.

One person familiar with the deliberations said, “Frankly, this is an issue where the government is completely united – like any other policy.” “[After the election]The prime minister has a lot of political capital on this. “

This comes before a week in which Johnson faces a massive decision on whether or not to support the Brexit deal that will inevitably require concessions from the British side. Notable personalities like Michael GoveThe Cabinet Office Minister overseeing Brexit preparations, and Rishi SonakThe chancellor is said to be calling for an agreement.

While progress has been made, persistent problems have arisen over fishing rights and equal opportunity rules that may prevent Britain from using state aid in the way it wants. There are also pending issues about the so-called “downgrade clauses” that would prevent the UK from undermining the European Union in some areas. Talks continue on Monday, with a possible deadline set for a videoconference of European Union leaders on Thursday.

However, there is also huge political pressure on Johnson, as some fear that any sign of compromise on Brexit will create another opportunity for Nigel Farage and his newcomer. UK reform Ceremony. Farage said he has already received more than 3,000 expressions of interest from his supporters about the prospect of running for the party in large-scale local elections next year. However, the party is currently focusing its campaign on opposing government lockdown measures.

The pro-Brexit donors who funded Johnson’s leadership campaign also became concerned about the direction of the government. “It was amazing, actually.” One donor said, “I’ve never seen a government that hasn’t been in contact with any of its fingers – any of its edges.” It’s the end of the fellowship. The truth is [Cummings and Cain] They will leave before the end, which tells you that they are not going to get the deal they want. Boris is in a difficult situation now, because he wants to deal at any cost. “

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Downing Street denies that leaving means that the Brexit deal, and that a settlement with the European Union, is now likely.

The donor added: “I’ll go away [from Brexit talks]. There is not much to lose from doing this, since the offered position is primarily for the commodities traded sector only. It does nothing for our large service sector anyway. “