Many Apple iPhone users, including those who bought one The new 5G iPhone 12 modelsThey are complaining about the issues they are facing with the Messages app on their phone. Some say that they don’t see all messages sent to their group chat. For example, a publication from a file IPhone 12 User with Lmonteleon handle On the Apple Community Support site It reads, “I can’t see group message responses regardless of carrier. I just (bought) this new iPhone 12 and so far, not impressed. It’s vitally important that I can see texts, responses, etc. from my groups. What’s the fix? Yes? I have done all the previous steps to try to correct the problem as it was posted on this forum .. there is no solution yet .. come to Apple – fix this.
The issue appears to affect those who have an iOS user text conversation with an iOS user and those who engage in mixed text chat between an iOS user and an Android user. But if one thing connects the many complaints, it is that many of them mention the fact that they recently upgraded to one of the new iPhone 12 models. Apple appears to be having a hard time fixing the problem. On November 12, another community support site post written by an iPhone 12 user on AT&T explained that he “is not receiving messages in group texts or individual SMS messages. He spent two weeks with Apple support and still has this issue. Really bad looks, there is no consistency with I don’t get messages from him either. “

Whatever the problem, carriers don’t seem to be wrong as the problem has been seen by iPhone users subscribed to each of the three major US carriers. Imagine that an Apple Is aware of the problem and is working on a future software update that will fix the problem.

Have you encountered a similar problem with the Messages app on your iPhone? If so, have you recently upgraded to the iPhone 12 model? These are the questions that Apple will need to answer as it tries to solve the first “gateway” belonging to the iPhone 5G era, “Textgate”.