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Hayley, a UK wedding planner, has released a video detailing things that cost a lot of money but don’t really matter in a wedding. She also pointed out the importance of allocating these “saved” funds.

Do you want to know what couples waste money on their wedding day?

asks Hayley, who has a TikTok account named @amae.weddings.

I always encourage you to ask me as many questions as possible, and I was recently asked: “What are husbands spending their money on?”

gifts for guests

Hailey’s distinction three Things that the bride and groom waste their money on. The first of them are gifts for guests.

Party favors are always a waste. They stay on the table, no one uses them, and they end up in the trash.

– The wedding organizer notes.

So don’t waste your money. Leave it to something more useful, perhaps a donation to a charity, for example

Champagne instead of Prosecco, Prosecco instead of Champagne

Healy also believes that there is no point in “improving” drinks.

No one will know if you’re serving Prosecco or Champagne – even if you’re going to serve alcohol in a certain bottle. Choose the cheapest option

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Carolina Pisark on the wedding. Guests have no choice but to adapt

Impulsive purchase

Healy also points to impulse buying. Everyone makes this mistake. Everyone is tempted from time to time. But there are plenty of those when organizing weddings.

These are things like buying bridesmaid dresses before choosing a wedding theme color or committing to a supplier before renting the venue.

What is Healy’s advice? Think about all of your purchases several times.

If you still have the money, I recommend that you pay the other photographer or videographer – this is my best recommendation