Less than two weeks ago Informed us About the available modification the border, Which is an extension of a fan Fallout: New Vegas. The mod was released after several years of work and instantly won the hearts of players who appreciated the scale and length of production (15 hours of gameplay). The popularity of this work was so great that in the early hours after its publication, the Nexus Mods portal servers refused to obey. Today everything is the date as the mod was removed by the developers. On the private account of one of the developers working on the project Animated material was found with a fond impression of children.

Currently on the site from where it was poor Mod, you will only find to note that it has also been removed A statement from one of the creators Projekt, Jacka weijiesena Wonga.

A few hours ago we received very disturbing information. We’ve been told that one of our developers, ZuTheSkunk, is putting foolish kid content into his own art accounts. The entire team strongly condemned this behavior. ZuTheSkunk has been removed from the groupAnd from our community’s Discord server. In the near future, we will be in talks with other programmers to hear their opinions on the situation and make more informed decisions. For the time being we are discontinuing any modificationBecause we want to respond appropriately. In the near future, more steps will be taken and a more detailed statement will appear. All views, ideas and opinions expressed in or outside the amendment remain with the authors who have expressed them only. They are not the official position of management, society, or anyone else.

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This is not the first controversy related to this production. Few days ago, a Reddit user Zorsy Attention to the hero’s excessive fetish and exaggeration. Other players have discovered that you can do this in the game will force Teenage girls are slaves of the protagonist and one of the side quests I know Contact with lizards that live with humans. However, today’s only finding is that the short but turbulent history of this amendment may have come to an end. It is not known when or whether the extension will be reverted for download, and even if it does, it will still be available in its original form.