Over 83 percent of respondents believe Marcin are two stars that cannot be called an athlete.

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Up to 91 percent of respondents rate it poorly and somewhat poorly.

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However, despite the bargaining aside, up to 70 percent. The Poles do not believe in the end of this player’s “career”.

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Almost 30 percent. He announces that he will watch the next battle, if there is one.

Disqualification in the fight against Don Casjo.

Marcin Negman is known for his loss. As a rule, you do this in an “amazing” way. It was no different this time. One celebrity who considers himself a boxer was disqualified during Saturday’s fight with Cassius “Don Kasjo” Życiński.

The two men agreed that their match would be based on boxing fights. However, two stars may have forgotten this, because during the match he first knocked out his opponent and then kicked him.

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