After products intended for game lovers, Opera has created a new version of its browser. This is the Opera Crypto browser that provides access to Web3. It has a built-in and untrusted critical wallet and is now available in beta for Windows, Mac and Android.

Opera, in addition to its main browser, web and mobile, has also created GX versions for gamers, and recently launched a side diversification of projects (cashack when shopping) or Loomi (VOD service). Now made a novelty For fans of Web3, cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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With this project, Opera aims to simplify the presentation of decentralized applications (DApps) and Using Web3 pagesand games and Metaverse platformWhile ensuring seamless support across platforms.

The new opera is integrated Current Functions and Add-ons A new set of tools. It is equipped with a news and data aggregator called “Cryptographic Corner” – a dedicated space containing basic information, including news about Blockchain issues and asset valuation And news about gas fees (gas fees), as well as events, airdrops and even encrypted podcasts.

Opera Crypto . Browser

Opera Crypto browser also gives you direct Access to decentralized exchanges (DEX), Web3-based NFT and dApp for gaming, it also has integrated support Telegram messenger and Twitter Available directly from the browser sidebar.

Interest in Web3 is steadily growing, but none of the browsers offered are designed to ensure a smooth and secure experience of the Internet of the future. Our design allows users to have a simpler, faster, and more private Web3 environment. The new Opera makes the first steps for any newcomer to this ecosystem easier. Web3 should be understandable to use, only in this way can the entire decentralized network be democratized and reach its full potential

– says Jürgen Arnesen, Executive Vice President of Mobile at Opera.

It will be the built-in and untrusted wallet Initially deal with Ethereum It is in beta, but will soon be expanded to major block systems and domain name systems. This is the result of collaboration between Opera, blockchains, Polygon, Solana, Nervos, Celo, Unstoppable Domains, Handshake, ENS, and many others.

Opera Crypto . Browser

The browser also allows Buy cryptocurrency Via ramp built-in cryptocurrency converter and also easy to steer Exchange cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency And convert cryptocurrency. You can also check your balance and current gas charges, and even access them Built-in NFT Gallery.

Opera Crypto . Browser Available in beta to windowsAnd Mac I Android.

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Image source: Opera

Text source: Opera

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