Facebook and its associated Messenger are experiencing downtime, as a result of which users cannot access the website and messenger. This is due to the rapidly growing number of crash reports on Downdetector.

Facebook and Messenger are not fully functional due to possible malfunction. They showed up on the downdetector for several minutes User ReportsWhich indicates issues with viewing the Facebook website and logging in, and finally sending and receiving messages in the case of Messenger.

At the moment, it is difficult to determine what caused the failure and for how long. Just in the last ten minutes or so, Downdetector has received several hundred bug reports – both in the case of Facebook and Messenger.

The number of reports on Facebook and Messenger is growing rapidly
Image source: © downdetector

The number of reports on Facebook and Messenger is increasing rapidly

To date, the largest number of reports of Facebook and Messenger failures have come from Warsaw, Krakow, Lublin, Wroclaw, and the Tri-City vicinity. It is possible that the failure is not at the country level or manifests itself slightly differently for specific users. At the time of writing this text, some of our editorial staff can still use Facebook and Messenger without any issues. Others, however, have problems.


Once we know more about the described crash development this post will be updated.

Update, hours. 20:53