The Swedes advanced in the ninth minute. Lawrence strikes Pilot from under the blue line, and Jesper Froden reroutes the puck of the ball that fell between the walls of Leonard Genoni in the net.

One minute and 25 seconds later the hockey players ‘Terzi Coron’ scored 2-0. Adrian Kembe tried from behind the scenes after his third entry, and “rubber” fell into the goal window.

In the 23rd minute, Sweden made the best use of the match. Having played puck in the Swiss third, Victor Olofsson stunned Genoni with a first-place punch.

But in the 31st minute it was 4-0 in favor of Terzi Koroni. Froden came in on the third goal, fired a shot, and the Helvetian goalkeeper missed again on the first post. It was the second blow for the 26-year-old striker in Tuesday’s match.

That was also the end of the Genoni meeting, which was replaced by Melvin Neville.

The second Swiss goalkeeper lost in the 42nd minute as his team was weakening. The team’s work ended with a precision hit by Magnus Nygren from the vicinity of Blake.

The Swedes added another hit in the 48th minute. Nils Lundkvist tried from the blue line, that the ball was still rebounding from Helvetian, who was trying to intervene and fell into the net.

The broken Swiss conceded another goal in the 51st minute. Henrik Tommernes tried on the Blake from the neighborhood after the entire team worked.

After two victories in Riga, Helvetion had to experience the bitterness of defeat, not losing high with the Swedes since the last century.

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Switzerland-Sweden 0-7 (0-2, 0-2, 0-3)

Objectives: 0-1 Froden (8.35), 0-2 Kimby (10.00), 0-3 Olofsson (23, forward), 0-4 Frodin (31), 0-5 Negrin (42, forward) 0-6 Lundqvist (48) )), 0-7 Tomren (51).

Great Britain-Denmark 2-3 after ET (1-2, 0-0, 1-0, 0-1)

MZP Goal Score

1- Slovakia 3 3 0 10-4 9

2- Russia 3 2 1 12-7 6

3- Switzerland 3 2 1 6-9 6

4- Denmark 3 2 1 7-6 5

5- Belarus 3 1 2 5-8 4

6- Sweden 3 1 2 10-5 3

7- Czech Republic 3 1 2 8-11 2

8- Great Britain 3 0 3 4-12 1