Code Masters presented the first trailer made from parts of the new F1 game. The developers boast meticulous setup and the material provided may encourage you to get into the EA Team Races.

Electronic Arts and Codemasters a few days ago presented the new version of the F1 series, and now we can check out the first materials that introduce the game. The developers chose not to play the usual gameplay, instead we can check out the trailer which contains several scenes from the game.

It’s easy to tell where we notice pure gameplay – the creators must once again provide players with a huge range of positive impressions in terms of setting, because the items in the Formula 1 license have been looking great for a long time.

F1 2022 is a very interesting project considering Codemasters and Electronic Arts, because it is the first part that was developed at a time when the developers were under the supervision of EA. It’s hard to say how this will affect the quality of the racing, but the team has already announced some exciting news that could have a positive impact on the competition.

F1 2022 bid will start in 59 days And the races are headed to consoles (PS5, XSX|S, PS4, and XOne) and PC.

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