Roman Abramovich’s UK assets were frozen after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, forcing the Russian oligarchy to sell Chelsea. The sale of the club appears to extend indefinitely. Todd Buehle’s consortium has been chosen as the preferred bidder in a bid to secure the Champions League winner. seems to be in Game Only Boehle and Sir Martin Bruton, the former chief executive of Liverpool and British Airways, were left to buy Chelsea.

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Huge financial problems for Roman Abramovich. Radical discounts at a security company

The British daily “The Sun” reported that Roman Abramovich is suffering from massive financial problems also affecting his security company in London. The maintenance of the Russian oligarchic company costs 400,000 pounds a month, while Abramovich is now unable to pay for it. This means that employees have to provide the company with toilet paper, bread, milk, tea and coffee from their own pockets. The number of people employed in the company will also be reduced soon.

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This was the result of the intervention of Irina Maddalena, the ex-wife of Roman Abramovich, who introduced drastic cuts. Only one of the three security guards remained with the security company, and soon the 25-person staff in the office would be greatly reduced. This is not the end of the big changes, as The Sun reports that the sale of some assets of the Russian oligarch has begun. The horses have already been sold at the Fyning Hill residence in West Sussex, which are worth around £20m. Classic cars, including a £1.2m Mercedes Gullwing, have been locked up in warehouse.

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In anticipation of the new owner’s takeover of the club, Chelsea are fighting for promotion to the next edition of the Champions League. The team led by Thomas Tuchel is in third place with 66 points, three points behind Arsenal.