Eurowizja 2021 w memach

Eurowizja 2021 w memach

Eurovision 2021: The second semi-final, featuring Rafai Brzozowski, has ended. The Polish actor, who performed the song “The Ride” on stage in Rotterdam, did not qualify for the finals. But as usual, it was reliable netizens, who commented on the pole’s performance with memes, and also summarized this year’s event.

Eurovision 2021: Rafai Brzozowski without promotion

Today, ten participants reached the finals of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place on May 22 in Rotterdam. Join the group of finalists today: Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Portugal, Iceland, San Marino, Switzerland, Greece and Finland.

Among the semi-finalists today there was also a representative of Poland – Rafai Brzozowskiwho failed to qualify for the finals. The singer performed at Ahoy Hall in Rotterdam the song “The Ride” written and composed by Swedish composers Joakim Övrenius, Thomas Karlsson, Clara Rubensson and Johan Mauritzson. You can already watch a video of today’s performance of the pole online.

Eurovision 2021 and Rafa R Brzozowski in the Twisted Mirror. See the memes!

Almost immediately, the internet was filled with memes that summed up the pole’s performance in a humorous way.

There were also some scathing comments about public television and popular lines…

Many users (ironically, of course) saw the last hope of Rafai’s promotion to the final in the direct participation of the ruling party …

Because when you copy it’s even better!

Twitter users are particularly fond of one shot of Rafai Brzozowski’s performance…

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From tomorrow the Poles are on their way to work…

The Icelandic national team also caused a stir…

I must admit that musicians from this country know how to stand out in Eurovision. Let us remind you that during the previous episode he won the hearts of Polish viewers Al-Hatari team.

In turn, in the representative of Denmark, netizens saw a resemblance to the disco polo singer.

Eurovision 2021: What is the deadline?

Recall: singers from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Malta, Cyprus, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Israel and Azerbaijan advanced from the first semi-final.

Representatives of the so-called Big Five: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain. These are the countries that contribute the most to the European Broadcasting Union, which organizes the Eurovision Song Contest. On Saturday we will also see a representative of the hosts, namely the Netherlands.

The Eurovision 2021 Final will take place on Saturday, May 22nd, at 21:00. The concert will be broadcast on TVP1 and on the official Eurovision YouTube channel. Onet Kultura will be doing live coverage of the finals we invite you to today!

Eurovision 2021: the second semi-final. Who will be surprised? Who will fail?

Poland’s biggest failures in the Eurovision Song Contest. Who caused the embarrassment?

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