Concerts, chill out area, food trucks, art workshops and more. Everything in an efficiently arranged space makes a great impression especially after dark. For three months, the “cultural station” will operate near the northern cape of asztownia (end of the boulevards).

It is a new art and entertainment initiative on the Szczecin map. The details are still a mystery, but the main assumption is clear. Several events will be organized there every day, and the rich show will suit children, teens and adults. The start is scheduled for early June and July, and the attraction marathon ends in the last days of September.

You will be able to have fun, meet friends or go with the whole family

Terminal Culture will occupy an area of ​​approximately 2.5 thousand square meters. m 2. There will be space for three relaxation areas, and food trucks will stop next to it. A concert is planned once a week, and the proposed music should be varied. DJs will also take care of your daily enjoyment.

There will be outdoor cinema shows. There will be regular eco-picnics for whole families. The issue of environmental protection will be one of the main themes of this initiative.

– We focus heavily on the environment. Suffice it to say that we will use recycled materials to create the Culture Station. There will also be environmental workshops with games and activities for children – the organizers told us.

A space for local artists and NGOs

There will be many workshops. At the moment, some among others are dancing, photography or learning to play the ukulele. However, there are many ideas and details that are constantly being recorded with local artists.

– We invite artists from Szczecin and the region, as well as NGOs who want to implement their projects with us. There will certainly be space for them to spread their wings – emphasize the initiators of the “Kultury Building”.

Effective look after dark

In addition to the rich offerings of events, the Culture Terminal is also to entice visitors with its stunning visual surroundings of a specially arranged space. There will be plenty of green that will be lit properly. Many cool effects have been announced and will be very effective.

In the coming days, we will inform you in more detail about the “Culture Station”. Initiators invite you to collaborate Local Models and the Chef’s Fan.