Despite previous reports, will the European Championships not be held in one country only? UEFA still intends to ensure that the tournament goes ahead as planned in 12 countries.

Impact of restrictions

The coronavirus epidemic in Europe has a huge impact on sports competitions. Due to the restrictions, many countries are unable to move, as evidenced by the example of European Cups. Due to the instructions, the match between Manchester United and Real Sociedad was held in Rome, while the match between Atletico Madrid and Chelsea was held in Bucharest. Additionally, the fact that fans in most countries are still banned from entering the stands during sporting events could have a major impact on the tournament.

Great Britain is ready to organize itself

This year’s European Championships is planned in 12 countries, although other options have been considered due to the situation. There were reports last week that the tournament could be held in the UK. Besides, Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself admitted in an interview with “The Sun” that the UK is ready to host the tournament.

UEFA will not change its mind?

But UEFA seems adamant. UEFA has confirmed that the federation does not intend to withdraw from the European Championships in 12 countries for the time being. However, for now, no official decision has been made – this will likely not be made until April.