The Foundation for Law and Partnership operating at the University of Biaystok Law School (UB) will run the Europe Direct Podlaskie Center for the next five years. The organization won a competition organized by the European Commission (EC).

picture: Malwena Wetkowska

What will they do?

I am convinced that this will be a new quality in Europe Direct’s network activities in our region. We have ideas for interesting activities to spread knowledge about the Federation, and thanks to close cooperation with the University, also an excellent group of experts – comments of the professor. Maciej Perkowski, President of Europe Direct (ED) and Chair of the Department of Public International Law and European Law School at the University of Bia .ystok.

The Foundation for Law and Partnership will operate the Europe Direct Podlaskie at least until the end of 2025. During this period, it plans to hold 25 events to showcase the performance of the European Union and spread knowledge on the topic. In addition, it plans to organize workshops, thematic meetings and conduct about 100 lessons in schools from the entire Podlaskie Voivodeship region.

In the first months of its activity, the emergency department team planned, among other things, educational information and meetings about education during the pandemic, European funds, facts and myths about the Biaovieja forest in the context of European Union law and European Commission activities.

Remote services

The Europe Team is a group of experts cooperating with the representative office of the European Commission in Poland. In Podlaski County they are: A. Anna Dollywa-Klipaka and Dr. Tomash Kauni who teach law school on a daily basis. Europe Direct Podlaskie can also count to support this unit’s authorities.

I am delighted that Europe Direct will operate within the walls of our department. International law issues, including European law, are addressed in numerous studies conducted by our employees. It is also an important component of the studies we present. Both the specialized knowledge of our staff and the potential of students interested in European Union issues and gaining experience in this field can be used ideally to implement the activities planned by the Foundation for Law and Partnership within the framework of Europe Direct Podlaskie – this was stated by Professor. Marius Poplowski, Dean of the Law School.

The headquarters of Europe Direct Podlaskie is located at ul. Mickiewicza 1 in Bialystok. According to current guidelines, the European Commission will primarily offer its services remotely by the end of the year.

Free support

If you would like to learn more about European Union policies or programs, or would like to participate in events related to the future of the Union, you can contact the ED Group. Schools are particularly encouraged to collaborate.

– We can prepare presentations for them, hold discussions about the European Union or give EU publications our support is free. However, it must be remembered that we do not provide legal advice, nor do we deal with the interpretation of European Union regulations. Our role is to report on the European Union, present its activities, as well as provide the European Commission with information on how to understand its activities in our region and what are the expectations of the residents of this corner, explains the professor. Maciej Berkowski.

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ED Network operates throughout the European Union. In addition to the ED offices, there are also European documentation centers that work to advance knowledge and research about the European Union and Team Europe.