We are behind the first matches of the fourth round of the World Elite Hockey Championship. Today, the Russians played with the Danes, the Kazakhs played the Germans, the Belarusians played the UK, and Canada played Norway.

Croup A.

There was no sense in the confrontation between Sporna and the Danes. Our neighbors from the east won with complete confidence – 3: 0. The first third did not bring us much emotion, at most a few mistakes and cards, but we did not see goals. The next edition had a very similar scenario and when it looked like it would be 0-0 again, Ivan Morozov used the match with the Russians advantage a few dozen seconds before the last siren. In the past period, the Russians asserted their superiority on the ice, adding two more strikes. First, in the tenth minute, Alexander Barabanov lifted, and three minutes before the end of the match, Dmitry Voronkov set the score.

Russia 3-0 Denmark (0-0, 1-0, 2-0)

The confrontation between hockey players in Belarus and Great Britain was very exciting, with up to seven goals scored, and the islanders ended in glory. It was still calm in the first half as only one goal was scored and Liam Kirk was the top scorer. The second version was a little more aggressive and halfway Belarus brought a draw thanks to Vladislav Kudola. In the end, however, the British directed two more strikes and scored 3: 1 goals by Ben Davis and Kirk. The final version began with another goal for Great Britain by Mike Hammond. The Belarusians fought to the end for a positive result, but they only managed to reduce the size of the defeat with one blow. Jeff Platt and Shane Prince did it.

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Belarus 3: 4 Great Britain (0: 1, 1: 2, 2: 1)

Group B.

Germany in Group Two led the team from Kazakhstan and after the last matches of both teams one can expect a lot of emotion. Actually, it was like this. Despite the similarities between Russia and Denmark, the first period did not result in any goals. Shooting began at the second stage of the meeting. In the seventh minute, Alexander Shin opened the scoring, but this only angered the Germans, who soon began to recoup losses. Just three minutes later that was until after Tom Khunkle was injured. In the 14th minute our western neighbors advanced, but the Kazakh coach asked for the challenge and finally withdrew the goal. However, this did not discourage the Germans, and after one minute of this situation, the Kazakhs did not save anything. This time Markus Eisenschmid entered the archers list. The result remained the same until the end of this period. Kazakhstan entered the third in spectacular fashion, and Roman Starchenko scored from the penalty spot – 2: 2. In the following parts of the match, they continued the blow and thanks to Pavel Akulzin’s goal they finally won – 3: 2.

Kazakhstan 3: 2 Germany (0: 0, 1: 2, 2: 0)

Canada finally saw its first win in this tournament. However, it was not so easy, because in order to beat Norway – 4: 2, the hockey players under the slogan “Maple Leaf” had to work hard. It started with a blow in 22 seconds, when Connor Brown scored the opponents’ goal. In the middle of the period the score was increased thanks to Adam Henrique, who took advantage of the match. Halfway through the second leg of the match, the Norwegians quickly led to a 2: 2 draw. The first injury was Thomas Valkvay Olsen, and a minute later Mats Rosselli Olsen. However, in the 15th minute, thanks to Andrew Mangiapan, the Canadians were on top again. In the third inning, Henrique placed a “point above i”, this time as his team was weakening.

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Canada 4: 2 Norway (2: 0, 1: 2, 1: 0)