When the cold from Scandinavia meets the warm, moist air masses looming over Central Europe, it will rain first, then snow. From Tuesday, the temperature in almost all of Poland will be negative, and it will snow on Wednesday. Not particularly great – in the center, the snow cover may be a few centimeters, and there will be a lot of it in the mountains, where the conditions for skiing are improving day by day.

There will be frost in the mountains

It will snow on Thursday morning, and then the sun will look down on this white world. The weather is expected to be sunny on Christmas Eve with several degrees of frost, except in the mountains, where the frost can be more severe and drop to several degrees below zero at night – the Windy.com weather service announced. The exception will also be Pomerania, where snowfall can continue until Saturday, the first day of Christmas.

A slight breeze of warmth?

And if frost and snow aren’t necessarily what we like, you can comfort yourself with the thought that even during or just after Christmas, the warm air might return to Poland for a while. Then, unfortunately, in many places, especially in cities, the snow will melt. But take it simple – he attacks again soon. Although forecasts that look more than two weeks into the future are at high risk of error, according to today’s data from weather websites, the post-holiday week in most of Poland looks set to be frosty and wintery. In any case, lovers of snow frenzy should not miss the snow under the skates.

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