England went to the group with a well-known competitor – Poland. Its leader star Striker Robert Lewandowski – Posted on the site “guardian”.

It is noteworthy that England played with white and red in World Cup qualifiers 1974, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2006 and 2014, as well as in the final of the tournament in Mexico in 1986.

Poland England also met in the 1992 and 2000 European Championship qualifiers. Added.

British journalists agree he is a white and red player LewandowskiHe’s been considered one of the best players in the last ten months or so.

He is the Bayern Munich striker who will have to be stopped when he plays the “Three Lions” for Jerzy Brzychik. – Highlighted on the site “The Independent.”

This portal also summarizes the history of the clashes between the two teams. As noted, England has a much better record in these matches: 11 wins, seven draws and one defeat.

The last match for these teams was in 2013, in the World Cup qualifiers in Brazil. The score was 2-0 and that day’s goals were scored by Wayne Rooney and Stephen Gerrard – Nabisano.

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Lewandowski also mentioned “the sun”, Although it has been emphasized primarily that the English will encounter not one person, but two strangers: Andorra and San Marino.

Gareth Southgate’s players went to a group of six, where they would face Lewandowski – marked.

History of the clashes polishing With England it was also analyzed on the site BBC.

England will play Poland again (…). Poland It can be said that he now has the best striker in world football. Lewandowski has scored 70 goals in 61 matches for Bayern Munich since the start of last season – marked.

The infamous event of England’s meeting with San Marino in the 1994 World Cup qualifiers in the USA was also called up.

The match against San Marino will bring back memories of the team’s match in 1993, when the “Three Lions” conceded a goal after just 8.3 seconds – but won 7-1. – Nabisano.