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Below 60 ° C in January and frost in May. How is life in this village?

Weather for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It will snow, but the sun will rise too

Meteorologists expect Monday to be full of snowfall. From weather maps IMGW All over the country, except for the provinces, he explains, there is no need to ask lski I am Mobolsky. A lot of lightning is also expected in the southern part of Poland. The daytime maximum temperature ranges from -2 degrees in Suwałki to 2 degrees in Szczecin.

It will also snow on Tuesday. Rainfall is expected for the whole country, except for Zachodniopomorskie, Greater Poland and Lubuskie voivodships, Lower Silesia I am Dzkigo. Most of the sun should be expected in the Pomeranian Voivodes and Kujawsko-Pomorsky. In the hottest time of the day, thermometers will show from -2 degrees in Krakow and Rzeszow to two degrees in Szczecin.

Wednesday also promised to be snowy. Meteorologists from the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management predicted that on this day white precipitation will occur throughout Poland. As in the previous days, there will be a lot of rain – most of them near Gdansk. The temperature will range from -1 degree in Suwałki to 1 degree in Katowice and Opole.

Weather for Thursday and Friday. The temperature will drop dramatically

On Thursday there will be an increase in snowfall and a drop in temperatures. Heavy rain is expected in the provinces Witokrzyskie The Podkarpackie, and the smallest – for the province of Western Pomerania. You should not expect any changes on this day. Thermometers will show from -8 degrees in Biaystok to 0 degrees in Szczecin.

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On Friday, Poland will be divided into two weather regions. The weather will be cloudy in the west and overcast clouds will be accompanied by snowfall, while in the east, many rains are not expected. The temperature will range from -10 degrees in Bialystok to 0 degrees in Wroclaw and Zilona Gora.

Weather forecast for the weekend. Little snow, little rain

weather Saturday will be the same as Friday. In the provinces to the west and south of the country, it will snow, and in the east we will see more sun. The temperature will continue to decrease. Biaystok will be the coldest city on that day, with thermometers showing up to -8 degrees. In contrast, it will be the warmest in Szczecin, where at the hottest moment of the day we can score 1 ° C.

The week will end with clouds, but without a heavy rain. Meteorologists predict that snow will only fall in Podlasie, Warmia and Mazury, as well as in hilly areas. For the provinces on the western border of the country, more rain is expected, for the rest of the country – moderate or high clouds. Thermometers will show from -6 degrees in Lublin to 0 degrees in Wroclaw, Zilona Gora and Szczecin.