If you were hoping this year’s Apple phone would be stripped of note, we don’t have good news. The iPhone 13 will also feature a screen cutout for the camera, speaker, and sensors.

iPhone X was the first phone Scourge Almost without a frame, it went on sale in 2017. The upcoming Cupertino smartphones, the iPhone XS and iPhone 11, released in 2018 and 2019, respectively, were similar to it. Over time, the notch in all of them – the hole in the screen for the camera, speaker, and sensors, including those that allow for Face ID functionality – began to push the mouse – especially when compared to the competition’s simplified designs.

Many people had hoped that Apple would send the note back to the past with the iPhone 12 premiere, or at least reduce its dimensions. Now we know that this has not happened unfortunately, because just like the Cupertino company it has already modernized the design of its devices, this time it has focused mainly on housing. iPhone 12, available in four variants, has angular edges reminiscent of the iPhone 5 and the latest iPad Pro, but the screen cutout has not changed.

Everything points to that IPhone 13 It also won’t get rid of the note.

As I mentioned Apple insideIn this year’s Apple phone, the Cupertino giant will also not be able to hide the speaker, the True Depth camera, and other sensors in the layer at the bottom of the screen. The only good news is that four years after launching the first Note Phone, Tim Cook will finally reduce the dimensions of this class by using slightly more compact components and moving the amplifier to the frame directly above it.

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The elements that make up the slit should not only be smaller, but also differently arranged. This would reduce the entire element, which the company allegedly had already planned to achieve this effect last year, but failed – because although the sensors and lenses are smaller than before, due to their arrangement, it was not possible to reduce the interval itself. The fact that the aperture on the iPhone 12 appears smaller at first glance than it did on the iPhone 11 is due only to the fact that it differs in … the diagonal of the screen.

There is no need to talk about getting rid of the fissure completely. In the past, Apple phones were launched into a tick-tock issuance cycle, with components being improved in one year, and housing focused on the following year. The company is now making drastic changes to the design of its smartphones every few years, and the last tire revolution happened a year ago. It can be reasonably assumed that we will wait several years for the next year, which will take care of the screens and remove the notch (via Foldable iPhones with a flexible screen Beside that).

Iphone In 2021, it’s still a bit thicker than its predecessor.

For years, customers have complained that iPhones run for a relatively short time on a single charge. That only changed with the premiere of the 2018 iPhone XR and the 2019 iPhone 11. These were the first Apple phones in the years to do well in this regard. Unfortunately, a year later, the company decided it was time to change direction again. As a result, the iPhone 12 has retained a slight thickness, but its battery again leaves something to be desired.

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The sounds that say the iPhone 13 should be a bit thicker is great news in this context for people who complain about unloading their phones before the end of the day. However, it turns out that it’s not the size of the power cells that pushes Apple to change the housing design, but … the camera. It really stands out clearly from the jacket now, and next year it will be another 0.9mm thicker. Instead of expanding the camera island, the Cupertino Corporation plans to increase the thickness of the entire device.

The good news is that in 2021, each of Apple’s best phones from the Pro line – the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max – will have the same camera module – as was the case with the iPhone XS. IPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The company has likely heard consumers’ voices in disappointment because the iPhone 12 Pro has a worse camera than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. After all, not everyone wants to take pictures with a ping pong paddle …