England drew 0-0 with Scotland in the second match of Group D Euro 2020 (2021). Both teams had a chance to advance to the knockout stages. In the final round, the Sons of Albion will play against the Czechs, and the Scots will play against Croatia.

  • England tied in the second round of Group D Euro 2020 (2021) with Scotland 0: 0
  • The Sons of Albion now have four points, the Scotsman one
  • In the last round, England will play the Czech Republic and Scotland will play Croatia

England – Scotland Live. England team to open Euro 2020 (2021) He rewarded the Croats for their defeat in the World Cup semi-finals in Russia and won 1-0 after defeating them Rahima Sterling. team led Gareth Southgate She was not happy, but among the medalists she had one of the strongest competitors – next to France, who played against Germany – and assured that this tournament could go very far.

Scots On the other hand, they were disappointed, losing to the Czech Republic 0: 2 and conceding one of the most prominent goals in the first round of the European Championship. Patrick Chic He decided to take a shot from a distance of 50 meters and David Marshall threw. The same player also scored the first show goal.

Euro 2020 (2021): England – Scotland [WYNIK]

The meeting was 115 for both teams, and the hundred for points. On the pitch, it was clear that this was no ordinary match, and that history plays a key role here. Fans were singing each other’s hymns, which only heated up the atmosphere. There was a lot of fighting on the pitch, but it was fair and there weren’t much tensions.

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Duel can be enjoyed. Despite not scoring goals at the end, the action spanned from one penalty area to the next. In the first half, the position was broken John StonesHe didn’t take advantage of the second big chance Che Adams. The Scots were impressed by their physical preparation, they conducted this meeting, fought one by one and got themselves well. On the other hand, the English only rushed after leaving the locker room, and most of the time the match was even.

After the draw at Wembley, all the teams entered group d They have a chance to advance to the 1/8 finals, but the English and the Czechs will be satisfied with a draw in a head-to-head match. The Croats with the Scots will have to play for the full set of points and count on a settlement in the second match.

England – Scotland 0-0

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