Older versions of Google Chrome are not secure. A 0-day vulnerability has been discovered in the browser, and Google adds that it is aware that the software bug is still being used by attackers. You need to update Chrome to protect yourself.

An issue has been found in Google Chrome, vulnerability CVE-2021-30561, points out Forbes In addition to that 2 billion users may be at risk. In practice, the problem concerns only those who have not downloaded the latest version of Google Chrome, but unlike appearances, it can be a large group.

Although Google Chrome updates automatically, the process is phased and not everyone gets an update on the day it is released. So let’s take a look at your browser settings and make sure your computer is running the latest version. Google Chrome 91.0.4472.164 is now safe – Previous versions of the browser must be updated.

Check the version of Google Chrome in Settings
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Check the version of Google Chrome in Settings

Information about the Chrome vulnerability appeared in a Google entry in the blog, where changes are described in the latest version of the browser. The described gap الفجوة It’s not the only one that has been fixed with the update. However, since this is a day-long vulnerability that can still be exploited in unpatched versions of the software, Google hasn’t covered many details yet. It is only known that the problem lies with the V8 engine.

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Google Chrome 91.0.4472.164