February 11, 2022, 22:02

The German portal GameStar was the first in the world to review Elex 2. Five years of production have paid off – the new title from Piranha Bytes has a few bugs, but it has similar problems as “one”. Most likely, there will also be a sequel.

Until the first show Alexa 2 More than two weeks left, but the first review of the game has already appeared on the web. You can read it at German GameStar portalwhich – like In case “The Ones” – he was given the privilege to express his opinion to the rest of the world and early access to production. Or rather, its almost final version. However, that was enough for Peter Bath to spend with the other Alex 60 hours and familiarization with the game world – as he claims – about 99%. Did you “deliver” Piranha Bytes? In short – yes … although it is not without problems characteristic of the studio.

Krzysztof “Draug” Mysiak, who review you first Alex, also had the opportunity to play “deuce”. Describe his impressions in the following text.

Impressive open world

The game’s open world received the most compliments in the GameStar script. Impressed German developers used to design virtual spaces by hand and did the same this time. Planet Magalan is supposed to be full of interesting and worth visiting places, and navigating between them with a jetpack should work great. The core of the game – fighting, exploring, looting and advancing to the next levels of experience – is to have a lot of satisfaction.

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Making choices seems interesting. Our decisions affect the course of the tasks and the attitude of the NPC to the protagonist. Oftentimes, we witness scenes that seem simple and redundant, but add depth and credibility to the world presented (someone will comment on something, thank you again for helping us, because it unexpectedly made extra money, whether we are going to meet an old friend).

Difficulty level

The standard for gothic-like creatures, at the beginning of the game we can face enemies that are stronger than us or from chests, the opening of which requires skills that you do not have yet. in a Alexi 2 It would not be superfluous to remember such places, because They can be distinguished on the world map by the appropriate symbols.

Lots of humble tasks

And it would be useful to do – especially in the first 10-20 hours when The game plays very slowly. During this time, the reviewer had to avoid the more difficult battles, focusing mainly on exploration, quests, and battles he was sure to win.

Side quests – in “two” more than “one” we find outside human pockets – are of a very different quality, according to the reviewer. You will hear a more interesting story in the second half of the game. The entire project can be completed in about 40 hours. in a Alexi 2 However, there should be a lot of content so that more time can be spent with it.

wooden fight

It will depend, inter alia, on how close we get to the fight. This has not changed much with respect to the first part. It is still somewhat crude and somewhat ineffective. However, fans of Piranha games should be used. It differs with the character development system – this system works very well with the Germans. in a Alexi 2 We will be able to unlock 80 different skills. It is impossible, of course, to get them all in one game – in 60 hours of fun, Peter Bathj reached “only” level 51 of experience.

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worn robes

Graphic design was a problem for thisWhich simply doesn’t knock you down. Aside from the improved lighting effects and the updated look of parts of the site, the visuals should be similar to what we saw in One. The characters’ faces were especially bad Although the reviewer confirmed that some of them had been smoothed out in one of the pre-release patches, he ultimately had mixed feelings.

It’s good – and will it get better?

end endings Alex 2 How he liked it. Because he did not pair the final version of the game, He withheld the final rating, but assumed it would swing between 80-82%. For comparison – “One” got 85% on the GameStar portal. In other words, fans of Piranha Bytes’ creations should be delighted. especially that The plot of “Mon” apparently leaves no illusions about the creation of the third part.