Four years, there is no improvement. The drift in fun cones is a problem that continues to bother users

Drift problems occur in cones of joy from the start. This is a known issue, which is being dealt with by hundreds (thousands?) Of users around the world. Yes, despite the fact that in portable mode on the Switch I play what the cat cried out for, he also met me – and for several months the controller in this form was completely unusable. Knew the heroes better and always ran to the top left corner. The problem was annoying, and the warranty didn’t apply, because it’s a relatively new thing. Fortunately, when you touched me – at Allegro and Aliexpress, you could actually buy several analogs of Switch consoles for pennies. Replacing it is not difficult and you can handle it. But it is not about acclimatization and collection. It’s not about returning your consoles and not owning them for a few weeks. This is a problem – in my opinion – the Giant should have solved it long ago. Because in the case of the Switch, the classic hybrid, we’re talking about removing part of the controller and nothing prevents you from using an alternative or classic controller, when the same problem occurs in Lite, you have to send the whole console back in. And internal replacement when things go wrong can be prohibitively expensive.