The rules for admission of students from Ukraine to schools are regulated by a special law. In order to provide education and upbringing for children and youth of Ukraine, the so-called preparatory departments. Such a branch will also be established in one of the schools in which the Szczecin-Pophyt district is the governing body. Today (16.03) star Krzysztof Lis met online with heads of schools and educational institutions to discuss in detail issues related to the education of refugee youth.

Staroste Krzysztof Lis and the directors participating in the video conference agreed that the preparatory section would be established at ZS No. 1 im. The National Committee for Education in Šchenek. This is a very good solution, because taking into account the types of schools in economics, there is a general high school and a technical high school. However, it should be noted that at the initial stage, Ukrainian students will have to focus on learning the Polish language, since most of them do not speak it even communicatively. Learning the main topics, taking into account the fact that the summer holidays will begin in only 3 months, will be the next educational stage.

At the moment, it is planned to open one branch. It is possible that later, depending on the age and number of students, more will be called to life. It will also help Ukrainian-speaking teachers. If necessary, they will be employed by the Buffat Employment Office in Szczecin.

Shchennik district schools have already been visited by Ukrainian mothers who want to enroll their children in them. Now that the most important issues have been settled, it will be possible. Ukrainian citizens who want to enroll their children in school will be able to do so directly at ZS No. 1 in Szczecinek, or in the Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Szczecinek District Office.

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info / foto: District Office in Szczecin

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