Last season, the Polish actor represented the colors of ROW in Rybnik. He did well, as he finished the season as the eighth best eWinner player from League One and the second most sprinter on the Rybnik team.

Despite the big points scored, Holt did not find recognition in the eyes of highway activists. During the transfer window, the Norwegian with a Polish passport preferred to sign the Warsaw contract with Włókniarz Częstochowa and wait for a club to need, rather than opting for one of the offers arriving at his office.

It was very likely that Holta would be loaned out, but that was expected not to happen before the start of the season. It was said that the experienced rider was not tested in battle by the inhabitants of Czestochowa. In the end, this will not happen, because Holta will start the season in the colors of Pozna PSŻ.

Pozna Speedway Association activists were very intent on getting this highway racer going. After the suspension of the Russians (for PSŻ these are: Vladimir Borodulin and Alexander Kajbuszyu) and the residence of Alexander Kajbuszyu in Ukraine, the inhabitants of Pozna found themselves in a dangerous situation. They only had five seniors, one of whom, Chris Harris, likely wouldn’t be able to appear in many games due to the priority of competition in the UK.

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In this case, Holt was able to negotiate aggressively and took advantage of the opportunity. He will receive 350,000 PLN in Poznan for signing the contract, in addition, for every point earned for yellow and black, he will receive 3,500 PLN. As for the terms of the second league, the rates are enormous and it is surprising that such terms were accepted by the residents of Poznan.

An affair with Holta for PSŻ can be very expensive. If the rider scored as many points as last season (164 points and 10 bonuses), he will earn more than 900,000 PLN. It should be assumed that the Holta at the lowest level of the game will win more of them. In order to cross the one million zloty earned mark, Holta must cross the 200-point barrier per season. This is what it looks like.